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The Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation together with the Maltese supports the completion of the existing building shell of a soup kitchen for children from impoverished families.

The Csilla's House of Providence in Pécs is a Hungarian social service by the Order of Malta. The institution operates as soup kitchens that gives hot meals every weekday to mainly poor children from the eastern region Pécs and disabled children from a nearby daycare centre for disabled and disadvantaged children. In addition, Csilla's House of Providence in Pécs has a delivery service that serves 25 families with meals as well as takeaway meals for an additional 60 families.The refurbishing of the kitchen helps to maintain the kitchen social service that is very important for the region.

For many of the children this is their only opportunity to have a hot meal. Primarily, the meals benefit the approximately 236 children aged 1-14 years, but also their families.