Smile to the ears – SIXT Helps

5 years ago, when Delphine held her baby in her arms for the first time, she cried tears of joy. Only her husband David noticed, that Nathan did not have a left ear, but only a small protuberance.

Delphine and David both agreed, this was not going to be their future, but the beginning of a fight for the happiness of their child. Having had their son examined by several specialists in Holland and France, they finally found the solution to their problem in Los Angeles. In order to cover the enormous cost, €35.000,- for the operation and €5.000,- for transportation and living expenses, they founded the organization "le sourire aux oreilles" (smile to the ears).

With the help of family, neighbors, friends and several help organizations like Air France (flight)" drying little tears" (rental car), they can now fulfill their dream.
On July 10th, Nathan's birthday, the family arrived in L.A. and was greeted with balloons and presents by employees of the Sixt Rental Car Agency. Happy children and grateful parents drove to the hospital in their Sixt Rental Car, where the 5 year old was operated on the following day.