Vilnius : Children’s Day – Orange Charity Day

In cooperation with the Order of Malta Sixt Lithuania supports a day care center Vilnius.

In Lithuania Children’s Day is celebrated on June 1st. This day reminds of children’s rights and many events for children take place on this special occasion. Sixt Lithuania invited children from Malteser Day Care Centers which are supported through Drying Little Tears to spend an afternoon enjoying games and ice-cream. The children also received t-shirts and caps and many happy faces could be seen!

SIXT team had an opportunity to spend some time with our little guests – 7 children from 7 to 16 years of age. We were very happy that they were so easy – going, chatty and wanted to find out more about our company.
While playing games we found out that some of them will come to work at Sixt one day!

Malteser Children Day Care Center at the moment have 15 children who are attending there regularly in the afternoon after the school. While talking to the children they told that they are planning to invite some of their friends to join this center. We also find out that they are doing a lot of activities there: there is an hour for homework doing, they are also playing, having art and craft classes, trying to spend as much time outside as possible, also they have a schedule to take care of the kitchen, dirty dishes and cleaning their own area. All of the children were very enthusiastic while talking funny stories and adventures they make every day.

What was the most exciting moment is to see their happy faces and hear their laugh. Even more exiting was to hear the next day from Day Care Center teacher that children were very happy and called this afternoon one of the most interesting visits of this year. It seems that you are doing the right things when you see that pure joy which comes to the children faces when you share even little things.