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Drying Little Tears supports the Mutter-Kind-Haus Karolina in Munich's Au district with the construction of a playground in the courtyard.

The house offers pregnant women and single mothers a place to call home and support in everyday life. Currently, 10 mothers with their 13 children live in the house. The courtyard of the building is a common meeting place for mothers and gives the children space to play and move. As there was hardly any play area for the kids in the courtyard, it had to be re-equipped. A privacy fence now helps to protect the children.


A climbing and slide tower as well as a swing bridge for balancing were built in addition to the existing playhouse to set up the the play area. In addition, the new playground received a net swing and a small rocker duck. During the renovation of the courtyard, the mothers were involved in the planning and were able to repaint the old wooden house together. We are looking forward to its implementation and are very excited to see pictures of the finished inner courtyard!