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The Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation supported in cooperation with "Bild hilft e.V.-Ein Herz für Kinder" the establishment of a kindergarten in Haut Bay.

In 2001, businesswoman called Marlis Schaper became aware of many hungry children. The local nursery school is responsible for the care of the children but not for their food supply.

By buying fresh fruit and vegetables for the children every day, Mrs. Schaper started committing to this cause. Due to her daily presence at the institution, she discovered further deficiencies that needed to be eliminated. The interior and outdoor facilities had to be renovated. The toilets were not maintained and the facility had no chairs, tables or blankets for the children.

This motivated Marlis Schaper to raise money for the children. She founded the "Little Lambs" nursery in order to give the children a safe home as well as providing sustainable and permanent help for her little protégés.

Together with Ein Herz für Kinder, the Regine Sixt Children's Aid Association has financed this project-. Thus a little paradise on 450 square meters could be established where the children are not only supplied with sufficient food, but are also taken care of by loving assistants.