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A better future is beginning for the children in the Dinoko daycare centre in the densely populated township of Zandspruit, Johannesburg.

Thanks to the support of the Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation, new ground will be broken at the end of July for the construction of a new daycare centre for 85 children.

Instead of the existing shacks that are unbearably hot in the summer and zero degrees in the winter, thanks to Drying Little Tears, the Dinoko daycare centre will have a newly laid brick building with well-ventilated and insulated rooms and enough toilets and learning and play equipment for the children.

For the third time, Stiftung JAM Schweiz is the project partner for the Dinoko daycare centre after renovating the RiseUp nursery in 2014 and Mahou in 2015.

The Dinoko ("A small animal with horns") daycare centre is located in the densely populated township of Zandspruit. 85 children are poorly cared for here on extremely small premises. Although they have a roof over their heads, it rains constantly inside and in the hot summer and cold winter months playing and learning is not feasible. There are currently four classrooms and a small kitchen. The premises are very small as is typical for this densely populated township, which is why there is no space for a garden and playground to play outdoors. There is only one toilet used by adults and children alike and it has no door. Everyone is looking forward to the start of the building and renovation work and in addition to the support from the Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation, many employees from Sixt South Africa will be helping and tackling the building work this summer.