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Creating access to books for children

Mobile libraries give children in Vietnam the opportunity use the interent and acces books

3 Mobile Libraries

In order to create future prospects for the disadvantaged children in Vietnam, the Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation provided three mobile libraries. This project was realised in cooperation with the Dariu Foundation, whose two pillars of microfinance and education strengthen the poor, low-income women and offer disadvantaged children a future that would otherwise would have been denied to them. These libraries, which have been built from disused shipping containers, give the poorest of the poor in rural Vietnam the opportunity to access books they would never have seen otherwise. This also applies to the use of laptops with Internet access, with the aim of closing the knowledge gap between children in urban and rural areas.

"Children are the weakest in our society, and are therefore in need of our united efforts for them and tehir education deserve to be united in our commitment to them and their future."
(Regine Sixt)