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Most families in the Arabic-speaking A-Tur district of Jerusalem have lots of children and live under difficult socio-economic conditions.

The A-Tur girls’ school was founded in 1968, and is today attended by around 1,200 schoolgirls from grade 1 to 9, who are taught in 38 classes. Despite its size this school has no dedicated room for natural sciences, even though it urgently needs one.

The lack of a dedicated room has a negative effect on the level of natural science learning in the school, and nowadays sound education in natural sciences is considered very important, especially for girls. Natural sciences are a key area when it comes to finding work in promising industries. Without a dedicated classroom, the children cannot conduct experiments themselves, and cannot do any investigations themselves either. Yet many of the concepts and inter-relationships in natural science cannot be understood without the help of experiments. Interactive learning is not really possible here.

During a visit to the school, Jaron Pazi, Sixt’s Executive Manager for Corporate Social Responsibility, saw the need for a dedicated room and was convinced of the project. By financing the setting-up of a dedicated natural science room, the Regine Sixt Children’s Aid Foundation is enabling proper natural science tuition for the girls. From now on the girls will not need to imagine the experiments, they will be able to learn interactively and conduct experiments themselves.