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Start-up aid in Caribbean for the smallest children

Even though Barbados looks just as paradisiacal as all the beautiful postcards here in Barbados - for the three-year-old Kaila sun, palms and sea are nothing more than everyday life. Her life is not a piece of cake. Jeanette, her single mother, has to see how she gets by. She works as a chambermaid in a beach hotel. What a good luck that she was able to get one of the coveted places in St. Peter's Daycare Center for her daughter.


„Today’s generation –
tomorrow’s world.“

Kaila's mother looks at this sentence, written on the wall in large letters, every day of the week at 7.45 a. m. when she arrives at the Daycare Center with her daughter. This is Jeanette's hope: that one day the little one will have a better life. Education is the key to success.

And trust in your own abilities. Kaila gets both here, together with almost 100 other children who look into an uncertain future with their big eyes. Although Barbados has not been officially listed as a developing country since 2011, external aid is still needed to make good progress.

Today is a special day: the children take a trip to the zoo. They should not only learn from books what animals look like. The brave ones even dare to have a snake around their neck. Kaila is rather shy. She even cries and calls for her mommy. Velda Jordan, one of the 14 teachers, takes the little one in her arms and comforts her. The funny zoo monkeys make Kaila laugh again. The pedagogical concept here is 'Learning by doing'. The children should get to know the world in all its facets and get along well with it.

So they went to the market a week ago with some change, where they bought fruit and vegetables themselves. They should learn how to economise. Alos, they should know which foods are healthy and good for them. At noon there was rice with some exotic vegetables, followed by fruit salad. Jeanette pays 40 Euro for her daughter's place every week. Breakfast and lunch are included. This is not a small amount, but the project hast to Support itself. Jeanette has until 5.30 pm to pick up her Kaila at the latest. Many children don't want to go home in the evening because they love being with us," Celeste Bowen, the director, laughs.

Learning for a good life.

There could not be a better start to the future than here in Barbados. The places in the nursery are in great demand. After 3 years, the little ones demonstrably have a much higher level of social competence than all the other children when they finally come to school.  ""They know how to work well with others and settle conflicts peacefully."" Celeste Bowen was here from the very beginning when the parish of St. Peter's founded this institution 26 years ago. Today, there are the 14 ""Aunties"", as they are called here who practice the educational principles. These are touchingly caring for the little ones, who are divided into two age groups. The very little ones who can barely walk, and the older ones from 3 years upwards who are full of vitality. In a playful manner they learn the numbers from one to ten.


„We love our children“

This sentence is written on the wall as well. To the always cheerful, motherly Aunties it fully applies.

Usually the atmosphere here is exuberant and you can hear loud laughters. Father Peter Haynes, who has overall responsibility for the project, is just coming to visit us. His church is right next door, less than 50 meters away. Many of the children know him from the Sunday service, in which he is sung according to his physical strength. The Anglican church here is surprisingly cheerful, and the sermon is full of humour. Kaila comes here every Sunday with her mother, dressed up to the last detail.

Drying little Tearsmake it happen

It was in this very church that Regine Sixt, the Honorary Consul General of Barbados in Germany, met Father Haynes and his parish. Every time she's on the Island she Comes to visit the church. It quickly became clear that the Daycare Center needed urgent support. In addition to teaching materials and toys, it was awnings and sun sails above the playground that could not be paid for out of the current budget. Four massive pergolas, each nearly 10 meters long, are now built. They offer protection from the sun and tropical rain. The little ones couldn't play in the scorching heat. Only the pergolas allow them to be outdoors. If swings were added, the children's happiness would be perfect,""says Celeste Bowen. And Father Haynes adds:""We are infinitely grateful to Regine Sixt - she has such a big heart for our children! 

With your help, we could do so many things reach!"" The little ones are always very happy when the visit comes from Germany at the turn of the year. Because then there will be new toys. About 300 years ago, Kaila's ancestors were forced to come here as African slaves. The reason: The hard work on the sugar cane plantations did not want to put up with white people. This inglorious chapter of Barbados lasted a good two centuries until slavery was abolished. Even then it was clear that only education could improve the quality of life and free people from the miserable circumstances,""explains Father Haynes. And that has remained so to this day. That Kaila can study is her mother's great hope. She's talented enough, she proves that every day. And the Children's Aid Foundation is helping to turn this dream into reality.

Nursery school

In cooperation with Reverend Canon Peter Haynes and the St. Peter's Parish School in Speightstown, the Regine Sixt Children's Foundation supports the Day School. Two awnings have been installed at the front of the school and now provide sun protection for the little ones. The Foundation has also built two pergolas and an additional double pergola. These are covered with tarpaulins to provide protection from sun and rain, so that the children can spend their breaks in a large, completely protected room regardless of the weather. I would like to thank the Honorary Consul General of Barbados in Germany, Mrs. Regine Sixt, for her generous contribution to the expansion of our day school for children in the community of St. Peter's. I would like to thank her for her generous contribution. Your support in creating a second home for our children is greatly appreciated by the members of our church.""

Rev. Canon Peter Haynes, Rector St. Peter's Church, The Barbados Youth Business Trust

Expansion of the Whim Community Centre.

The board of directors of the Regine Sixt Kinderhilfe Stiftung Tränchen Trocknen recently gave the go-ahead for the expansion of the WHIM Community Center in St. Peter on Barbados. Thanks to the help of tear-drying, a new playground can now be built and furniture can be added to the centre. Funding was collected by Drying Little Tears Barbados at last year's Barbados International Fair.

"I would like to thank the Honorary Consul General of Barbados in Germany, Mrs. Regine Sixt, for her generous contribution to the expansion of our day school for children in the community of St. Peter's. I would like to thank her for her generous contribution. Your support in creating a second home for our children is highly appreciated by the members of our church "The staff at WHIM Community Center are doing a great job! They enable numerous children to develop their personalities in a quiet and peaceful environment. I am delighted that WHIM is once again supporting a project for the benefit of the children of Barbados."

Regine Sixt, Chairman of the Board of Drying Little Tears and the Honorary Consul General of Barbados in Germany: "My heart beats for the children of Barbados!"

"My heart is beating for the children of Barbados"

I admire the working mothers of Barbados who work so hard to raise their children - besides their own struggle to earn a living for their families in such difficult circumstances. Life must go on - and these little ones are the future of this country! The more education and care they receive today, the higher their well-being today, the more the country will prosper and flourish in the future!

Regine Sixt :
"God has his own garden on this beautiful island, which is the ideal backdrop for happiness and vivacity. When I see the children laugh, I feel inner satisfaction and joy. But luck needs a supportive environment. My deepest gratitude therefore goes to Reverend Canon Peter Haynes, Rector of the St. Peter's Parish Church, and his wife June, who have devoted their lives to supporting and raising these poor children. They have created a truly loving environment for them! I am so grateful and glad that I was able to support their commitment by renovating a house for 100 children in need. I hope that the young generation of Barbados will use the help they receive today to lead their country into a bright and promising tomorrow! May God bless the work of the Church and give his support to the coming generation of Barbados!"


Regine Sixt is a benefactor committed to improving the situation of disadvantaged people around the world. She also tries to convey her passion for making a difference to her business partners through the use of meaningful corporate social responsibility programs.

The Hon. Senator Maxine McClean, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Barbados


"The Regine Sixt Children's Relief Foundation demonstrates a cautious art of giving that remains an important part of global charity. It embraces the hearts and minds of its recipients, inspiring others to help and partner. »
Sir Trevor Carmichael, Q.C.


Die Regine Sixt Kinderhilfe Stiftung beweist eine behutsame Kunst des Gebens, die ein wichtiger Teil globaler Wohltätigkeit bleibt. Sie nimmt Herzen und Geist ihrer Empfänger für sich ein und inspiriert zugleich andere dazu, zu helfen, und auch dazu, Partnerschaften einzugehen.

Sir Trevor Carmichael, Q.C.