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The Regine Sixt Children's Aid supports G4Kids to enable children to consistently attend school.

The G4Kids Association (Gemeinsam für Vietnams Kinder e.V.) takes care of children in Central Vietnam whose families cannot afford sufficient education and basic medical care, especially due to serious illness, disability, or death.

Last year, it was planned to give much needed bicycles to children from disadvantaged families in the Da Nang region (Central Vietnam). The aim was to enable children to consistently attend school. Thanks to the financial support of the Regine Sixt Children's Aid, this project has now been successfully implemented.

In July, a total of 80 children from extremely poor backgrounds received a bike so they could get to school, to which some of whom had a long way to travel. The recipients were chosen and all the organisational aspects were carried out with the assistance of a local non-profit partner. A small sports hall was rented in Da Nang on the day the bikes were handed out. The bikes were delivered there in the morning.

Two G4Kids board members who were in Vietnam for the annual project visit attended the event. One by one, the children arrived with a companion. They lined up in rows and there was a brief greeting. As is usual in Vietnam, some officials from the local district administration were present. After a few games to loosen up, chairwoman Birgit Klupp took the microphone and greeted the children while a Vietnamese colleague translated. She explained that the bikes were from an aid organisation of a German car rental company that appreciates the work of G4Kids and supports this issue so that children can get to school well and safely. She encouraged them to continue to study hard, always ride carefully, take good care of the bikes, and always lock them.

Then a child came forward and thanked them with a Vietnamese song that everyone clapped along to. A girl stepped up to the microphone and again thanked them on behalf of all the children. Then they all lined up in a row and acknowledged receiving the bikes with their signatures. All the children were given an orange baseball cap and stood next to a bike.

The beautiful and sturdy bikes all have locks and a carrier basket for the school satchels front of the handlebars. Then there was a round of applause and those who already knew how rode home while the other children practised in the hall and familiarised themselves with the functions.

The joy on the children's faces was clear, they had never before received such a valuable gift. All of them were happy and after the official representatives had left, the children relaxed more and simply had fun. A truly successful campaign, cheerful children's faces, and an unforgettable day for everyone who attended. On behalf of all the children, we would like to again express our gratitude for the financial support.