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On the occasion of the 2014 World Cup ‘Drying Little Tears’ provides financial support to the renovation of a sports center and the construction of a soccer field in São Paulo..

Together with the Order of Malta, "Drying Little Tears" a special project of the program "Children's time is today" could be realised in Brasil. The idea is that sport is able to direct children and young people to the right track. More precisely, six 11-year-olds campaigned for the project to save their peers from poorer conditions from the streets, to keep them from crime, and to open up opportunities for their future.


The new sports facility is intended to provide support for 420 children and adolescents or to be a place where they integrate into a community. Here they can acquire and test new abilities. There is a wide range of sports available: from Capoeira (the Brazilian martial arts) to dance lessons, football and movement games, there is something for every age group.


Trained employees, including physicians, physiotherapists, sports instructors, nutritionists and dance teachers, do not only provide meaningful employment for the children in their spare time, but also support them in the development of their abilities and provide them with team spirit. At the same time, they work with them to deal with conflicts with each other in order to integrate the newcomers socially and to prepare for a self-determined life.