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The Lane day care centre in Serbia has been thoroughly renovated after severe flooding.

The Bambi Lane day care centre is picturesquely situated. On the outskirts of the small town of Loznica, in the far west of Serbia, on the banks of Štíra. A paradise for children! But there was a big shock in spring 2014: The biggest floods of the century in the Balkans tore the stream from its bed - and left behind a wave of devastation and destruction.

“I remember the day of the flood as if it were yesterday. It was terrible! The first thing we did was to do everything possible to save the children. Of course we had to do this quietly and quickly so that the children weren‘t panicked. In the end - thank God! - we succeeded in keeping all the children out of harm,” said a teacher. The state organisation “Bambi” is the only sponsor for the day care centre and pre-schools in the Loznica region in Serbia. It has existed for almost 50 years and looks after more than 1,000 children. The “Lane” day care centre was one of “Bambi‘s” hardest-hit facilities. Here, the flood filled up all the basements, and numerous recreations rooms were completely flooded so that the children could only be looked after under extremely difficult conditions.

In the summer, Sixt employees in Serbia visited the facility to get an idea of the situation. On the basis of its report, the Regine Sixt Children‘s Aid Foundation board decided to fund the renovation of the day care centre.

With the support of “Drying Little Tears”, the premises were refurbished and the original state of the day care centre was restored. This way, the children can now be fully supervised again and many social activities can be carried out. True to the motto of the “Bambi” day care centre: A place for families to live!