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Cooperation with Malteser subsidiary for the expansion of a school for the integration and inclusion of Roma and Sinti children.

Orechov Dvor is home to a Romani community living in a container settlement just outside of Nitra, Slovakia. Of the approximately 300 inhabitants, about 100 are children and around 70 of these are between the ages of three and ten.

There is too little space to meet the needs of the people. What’s more, they’re planning to expand preschool, kindergarten and afternoon school activities, as well as establish daycare for schoolchildren, making additional space and bathrooms indispensable.

Thanks to the donations of the Regine Sixt Children´s Aid Foundation and collaboration between the Maltese Order and the Order of the Salesian Sisters, it was possible to implement the building project. The aim is not only to rescue school-age children from the vicious circle of academic failure, but also to promote permanent integration of the Romani at a local level.