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New equipment for the Caritas house for street children in Bukarest.

The House of St. Johannes was founded 25 years ago in the north of the Romanian capital Bucharest. Under the auspices of Caritas, both street children and children from socially disadvantaged families found a new home here.

In small module groups, the children's talents are being encouraged individually in order to improve their chances for the future. At the same time, the goal of enabling the children to return to their families one day is never lost out of sight. Due to the high number of children and adolescents who have taken advantage of the facility's facilities in recent years, many renovations have become urgently necessary.

In cooperation with Caritas Bucharest,"Drying Little Tears" promotes the re-equipment of several children's rooms, the establishment of a therapy room and the extension of a common room so that numerous children can continue to be helped in the future.