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In keeping with a long standing tradition, the Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation has once again visited sick children in many clinics.

Starting with the Hauner Children's Hospital, the Oncological Ward in Schwabing, the Großhadern Clinic as well as the Heart Centre in Munich, many small patients enjoyed the welcomed change in their everyday hospital routine.

This year we were accompanied by the actress Jana Pallaske, who read the children Virginia O' Hanlon's touching Christmas story. Of course, Santa Claus - accompanied by his singing companion - was not to be missed: the children, as well as the parents, enjoyed the backpacks filled with chocolate and gingerbread on top of a personal gift. For a few hours illness and suffering seemed completely forgotten.

In addition to the visits in Munich, SIXT employees from all over Germany, including Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Kassel, Kassel, Stuttgart, Hannover and Cottbus went to the children's clinics in their respective cities. Special thanks goes to our colleagues in Lithuania and Guadeloupe, who made sure that children in other parts of the world were happy for Christmas as well.



Christmas Visits Region Central

On Thursday the 04.12. our Santa Claus (Mr. Henneberg) and his diligent helpers (Ms. Emde, Mrs. Ioannidou and Mr. Gladen) packed his sleigh with many little surprises and headed to the University Hospital Frankfurt.

In the name of Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation, they visited the children's hospital and presented children suffering from cancer with Christmas bags full of toys and snacks. It didn't take long for most bags to be given away and being unpacked. The children thanked with bright eyes and a broad grin. At the end, a photo was taken as a reminder and you can proudly say that the' Christmas gift' was a complete success.


Christmas visit to the Olga hospital

On 04.12.14 we visited the children's Cancer station of the Olgahospital in Stuttgart. For each child, there was a SIXT backpack with small gifts, such as balls or cars. In addition, we had a Santa Claus bag filled with sweets for each child. Most of the children stayed in the playroom at the hospital. So most of the presents were distributed right there. However, the children who were not in the playroom were also given presents. We walked into the rooms - where it was allowed - and handed out the gifts we had brought with us, but the greatest joy was the shop for the children, which we gave in addition to the small presents. Mr. Michalec built up the shop together with Mr. Limper and the children. The children seemed to take great pleasure in building up together. After the assembly, the articles were placed on the shelves and the cash register was set up in the right place, creating a nice pre-Christmas atmosphere in which all of us felt very comfortable. We would like to express our sincere thanks to the SIXT staff Benjamin Michalec, Julian Limper, Milica Mijatovic, Valerie Kikaj, Maria Morillo Benitez, for the opportunity to make such an experience.

Visit to the children's cancer ward in the UKE in Hamburg

On 04.12.14, five Christmas helpers set out to visit the children's cancer ward of the University Hospital Eppendorf in Hamburg, represented by the Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation. Mrs. Nicole Stamer-Masurat, Mrs. Svenja Mattschull, Mrs. Ariane Buss, Mr. Jens Gogolin and Mr. Oliver Milord had a lot of luggage with them.

In addition to the many gifts, we also brought along some handicraft materials. For over 3 hours we decorated candles together with the children, tinkered and chatted about the forthcoming Christmas season. The results of the handicrafts are really impressive. Longingly, the children waited for the gifts that we presented at the end of our visit.

Once again it was an eventful and informal afternoon which we were allowed to experience on the ward with the children. At that time, a lot of worries faded into the background and we were able to see many friends in the eyes of the children.

SIXT Hannover visits the children's hospital of the MHH

On 05.12.2014 Nikolaus (Matthias Grote) together with his Christmas angels (Katharina Rybkowski and Sylvia Lukas) visited the children at the children's oncology ward of the MHH Hannover.

As in previous years, Mrs. Krüger and Mrs. Krause, both educators in the wards, accompanied the SIXT staff.
The Santa Claus bags filled with books, games, cuddly toys and of course sweets were given to the patients with a few personal words by Santa Claus and his angels.

It was not only the little patients who were pleased with the visit of Santa Claus and his angels.
The parents, sisters and doctors of the wards were also enthusiastic about the commitment of the SIXT staff.
A great day that gave everyone a lot of joy and a Santa Claus that put a smile on the children's faces. The most beautiful gift for the volunteers: beaming children's eyes!

SIXT Berlin visits the Charité Children's Hospital

Yesterday, 4 motivated colleagues visited 3 children's wards of the Virchow-Klinikum in Berlin-Wedding as part of Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation 'Drying Little Tears'.

Equipped with many full SIXT backpacks and a magician we started in the child psychiatry. After a little song by the children, the magician gave his show and enchated the children. Finally, everyone received their SIXT gift and we moved on to cardiology. Altogether we gave presents to about 80 children, who were all very happy and thanked with shining eyes. Thank you very much, Mrs. Sauer, for coming by.

Klinikum Kassel

Clinic Kassel

Mandy Schuster - Supervisor Region North-West:

„Thanks to the good preparation and empathetic compagnionship throughout the day, we were able to put some smiles on the faces in Kassel. But it was not only the patient, but also us who were very fortunate and enjoyed this day."


University Hospital for Dialysis in Cologne

Dear Sixts, when you read this letter, I am probably with my elves Anna Kufeld, Isabel Pätzold & Bartosch Adamow, in the process of packing gifts  and preparing them for the many children out there.

As you surely know, I have endowed many children this year again. The reactions were very cordial. We had a lot of work to do. However, the enchanting eyes of the children were definitely worth it again. Following an important tip from my elves, I came across a group of children and teenagers in the Cologne dialysis clinic. All these special little creatures have many dreams and desires. But each of the children and young people has a similar wish....... A new kidney. Some have to go to dialysis once a week, others have to go every other day and many have to go back to dialysis every day. It is very sad to see what these children have to take on. We went to this modest group last Tuesday and Wednesday in the hope of fulfilling at least some of their wishes. And what a success it was, indeed!! My helpers took lots of souvenir photos and I went to each child personally. The reactions were beautiful, there were lots of smiling faces. I was very happy to visit the children and put a smile on their faces. We were very moved by this visit and we hope that they will soon feel better.

(Kopie 126)

The children know neither past nor future, and they enjoy the present -  which could hardly ever happen to us adults.

SIXT Guadeloupe visits children's hospital

Last week, SIXT Guadeloupe put a smile on the faces of the seriously ill and disabled children who had to stay in the Hospital over Sanat Claus Day. As Santa would have had problems with his usual medium of Transportation his sled in the Carribbean, due to the lack of snow, he came in a SIXT waterplane. The children were surprised with a magic show and small presents. SIXT Guadeloupe was happy to dry the children's tears and at least put a smile on their faces for one day.


SIXT Lithuania

Together with the event agency Live Nation Lietuva and the Order of Malta, SIXT Lithuania visited a day care centre in Kaunas. The children's dream came true as their favorite Ice Age characters were present live.