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About inclusion and interaction

Purchase of Veeh harps and guitars to support musical education and purchase of sand diggers to expand the range of leisure activities

Once again, the Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation was able to support the Wartaweil country hostel. New musical instruments were purchased for this educational and meeting center for people with and without disabilities in order to promote pedagogical and therapeutic work. Because music brings people together, forms the spirits and touches hearts. In addition to classical guitars, Veeh harps were purchased: stringed plucked instruments that can be played without any knowledge of notes. This innovative instrument opens up new sphere and allows people with different talents to make music together. 

The purchase of two new sand diggers for the sand play area in the park of Wartaweil has expanded the leisure facilities. This permanently installed attraction inspires young and old in any wind and weather.

"Wartaweil am Ammersee is particularly close to my heart: This is where inclusion is realized perfectly!"
(Regine Sixt)