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About creativity, interaction and self-awareness - How children learn to deal with each other correctly

Purchase of new play and climbing equipment as well as redesign of the open space for the inclusive Children's Day Care Center Grubenstraße in Moosach, Munich

Creativity and adventure

... are the first steps children take to explore the world. Through interaction, they learn to find their way around and communicate with each other. It is exciting when children of different ages, with and without immigrant backgrounds or with and without disabilities come together. This is exactly what the Day Care Center Grubenstraße in Moosach, a district of Munich, takes up: Connecting children from a wide variety of backgrounds.  

Therefor the day center offers an overall curative education programme for eight groups. The focus is on movement experiences to promote self-activity and initiative, cooperative action and body awareness. 

Thanks to the support of the Regine Sixt Children’s Aid Foundation and the generous donation from the wholesale market “Hamberg”, the open space of the Day Care Center Grubenstraße was redesigned.  In addition to the redesign of the open space, a new play and climbing equipment was purchased, which is used by crèche children and older playmates from the kindergarten. 

The answer of the benefactress: "It depends on the project we will fund, but we will definitely double the donation.” (Regine Sixt).

No sooner said than done. The Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation increased the amount and implemented the project in the Children's Day Care Centre Grubenstraße in Moosach.