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@Kinderhaus Atemreich

On July 5th, 2018, Detlef Krehahn, Karsten Jaensch, Marcus Melzer and their Franchise Operations Team took a short break from answering e-mails, planning incremental sales or measuring the CES to refurbish the AtemReich Children’s Home in Munich.

Under the ‘Drying Little Tears Day’ we had the opportunity to spend a whole day with the children on site and did a lot of work to bring back joy and happiness in the house such as refurbishing the slide and swing, revamping the garden and entertainment facilities and spending time with the children decorating class rooms with positive motives.

We concluded the day with a cozy barbecue evening together with the educators and physiotherapists. 


We are very proud of the whole team, its energy and enthusiasms. Without it, this would have never been possible!!! 

Also a huge thank you to the Sixt family for allowing us to have such a day!

Employees votes

Victoria Schlösser: “The Drying Little Tears Day was a great opportunity to spent a day helping others. I´m more than thankful for everything what I received in my life and I´m happy to give something back to others. This day gave all of us the opportunity to do something good take one step out of your daily routine and think about how blessed we are with our lives. “


Katharina Schuster: “I am so happy that I was able to help those people who really need it by dedicating a few hours and making the home of ill children and working place for their carers a little nicer. Days like this bring you down to earth and make you appreciate what you have - I hope to be able to participate in a Drying Little Tears Event soon again.” 


Marlene Fath: „It was a great feeling to see the joyful faces of the children and caregivers of the “Kinderhaus AtemReich” after the work was done. I hope they will spend many nice hours in their new garden.”


Manuela Schweigard: “I would like to take the chance to thank the company for giving us the possibility to spend a day like yesterday with such great people as we meet. It really touched my heart to see the kids which have such a difficult life from our perspective and to bring a smile to their faces.”