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Children are especially vulnerable on the roads.

A kick-off event for the ‘Spark in the Dark’ project was held at Pullach im Isartal elementary school at the end of October.

In one of the elementary school’s third-grade classes, two community police officers belonging to Police Station 32 (Grünwald) held a shortened lesson in which they explained to the children the difficulties of seeing in the dark. At the end, each child was given a jacket with reflectors so that they could be seen better by drivers at dusk and night. The project is supported by Sixt, which is based in Pullach, and the Regine Sixt Children’s Aid Foundation, and will be rolled out over the coming weeks to more than 400 children at schools in neighboring municipalities.

It is very important for road-users to be easily visible, especially vulnerable ones such as pedestrians and cyclists, so that other road-users can see them in time and compensate for anything careless they might do. This is especially important for young road-users, since they are not familiar with all the rules and can easily get distracted or react impulsively in traffic.

"It is especially satisfying to support a project like this which touches upon the core areas of our day-to-day car rental business. The safety of our rental vehicles always has top priority. We of course recognize the dangers of driving, for the drivers themselves but also for other road-users,” says Detlev Pätsch, CEO of Sixt SE. “Children are exposed to many dangers on the roads and require our special care. Traffic precautions should always focus on children. It is our responsibility as adults and as a society to provide them with sound education and information. This is a task which we as a company naturally feel responsible for."


Regine Sixt:

The Spark in the Dark project is a very important undertaking that helps our children to better understand the dangers of the roads, and explains to them preventative measures that can often make that crucial bit of difference in the event of an accident.