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Award bestowed at the Association’s Publishers’ Night on October 22, 2013, at Deutsche Telekom’s offices in the capital city, Berlin

The German Integration Foundation awarded businesswoman Regine Sixt the ‘Golden Victoria for Integration’ at this year’s Publishers' Night.

The jury, which consisted of the Foundation’s board of trustees, gave the award to the Chairwoman of the Regine Sixt Children’s Aid Foundation in recognition of her commitment to understanding, education, and equal opportunities.

Her diverse and exemplary activities, and her services in promoting a positive imageof Germany abroad, constituted the primary reason why the jury elected her as the prize-winner in 2013.

A speech in honor of the prize-winner was delivered by Dr. Erich Prinz von Lobkowicz, President of the German Association of the Maltese Order, together with actress Sunnyi Melles. “If active commitment, integration and humanity have a heart, then to me there is no doubt that it is Regine Sixt. If Regine Sixt did not exist – then you would have to invent her,” said Prince Lobkowicz.