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A marvelous day for 200 young guests

On September 26th, around 200 sick and needy children celebrated the annual Kinderwiesn. Regine Sixt invited the young guests for the 19th time, from 13 institutions all over Germany, to the Munich Oktoberfest.

"The children and their parents could forget the worries of the disease for one day."
Astrid Simader, Dr. von Haunersches Kinderspital


Together we celebrated in the Café Mohrenkopf with a children's band, clowns and magicians and we satisfied our hunger with Bavarian starters, sausages with potato salad and delicious pastries. Afterwards it went in small groups over the fairground, to various rides and sweets stands.


With glowing eyes, the children made their way home and were able to forget their pain and worries for a short time.


"This group dynamic, which this day on the Kinderwiesn brings with it, still gives so much to the children. It always has knock-on effects. It is not only the day that makes them happy, the meeting of the others outside the clinic is healing".
Michaela Geßner, senior physician Universitätsklinikum Tübingen


"It was really very, very nice on the Kinderwiesn once again. A real highlight during the Oktoberfest time!!!"
Guggy Borgolte, Dr. von Haunersches Kinderspital


“Thank you very much Mrs. Sixt for your generous invitation to the great Wiesn day! The serious illness of our child taught our family to perceive and enjoy the beautiful, carefree moments in life even more intensively: Regines Kinderwiesn gave our child, his brothers and sisters and me (dad) a very happy day, which we will keep in cheerful memory for a long time to come.” Michael Graf, attendant Klinikum Schwabing