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Renovation and development of a multi-functional playground in Budapest

Thousands of people live in a very small area in prefab housing. Hungary has not yet fully recovered from the financial crisis – and nobody suffers more than the children.

By financing renovation and refurnishing of the playground and playhouse, the Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation hopes to give children a safe space again.



In 2000, on the initiative of the Hungarian Maltese Charity Service,a 2,000 m2 playground and gaming house was built in a suburb of Budapest.

150-200 children and adolescents will have the opportunity to play on the grounds, borrow equipment from the game room, and get caring support from social therapists. In the future, particularly needy children will also be offered breakfast and dinner. These children do not get enough to eat at home, particularly during school holidays. That's why it is so important to expand the premises accordingly. Likewise, antiquated gaming equipment urgently needs to be replaced or renovated because it no longer meets safety requirements.

With our support, the children will have the opportunity to develop in a safe space so that they can have a real chance at a better life later on.