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A space for children to spent time with their families

The Children’s care center and hospice ‚Het Lindenhofje‘ in Amsterdam gets a newly renovated living room

The Children’s care center and hospice ‚Het Lindenhofje‘ in Amsterdam offers a home to chronically or terminally sick children from 0 to 18 years of age. It is a place where  these children can relax and be at home, while being under the close supervision of professional caretakers who can provide anything they might need. Special attention is also devoted to the emotional support and guidance neede by teh children and their parents, siblings or other family members. 

Until recently the house consited of the children’s bedrooms, several therapy or medical rooms, a kitchen, sanitary facilities and a small residence room. What was missing, however, was a second living room, where the children and their family and friends could spent time together during visiting hours. Thanks to Regine Sixt and her Foundation, the children now have a big and newly renovated living room, giving them the opportunity to enjoy each other and their visitors company. 

„The values of family is something tha we take very seriously at Sixt. This is why there is no greater joy for me than to see these little children surrounded by their friends and family.“ (Regine Sixt)