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Together with the Order of Malta we support expanding the school premises with three containers.

Orechov Dvor is home to a Roma community living in a container settlement just outside of Nitra, Slovakia. Of the approximately 300 inhabitants about 100 are children. 

Salesian sisters provide informal education to the children in preschool and primary school age, supported by the Order of Malta. The sisters promote language and preschool education with appropriate measures and offer playtime in the afternoon.

They aim to involve the environment of the children to integrate them as good as possible into the school system. Many of the approximately 70 children in preschool and primary school age do not attend regularly the local school for various reasons. The result is a vicious cycle of school failure, demotivation, transfer in special schools and language regression. In the rooms available, the sisters reached their limits in order to meet the needs of the children - both qualitatively and quantitatively. The Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation therefore funded three new containers to be used as classrooms for the support of Roma children.