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‚Drying Little Tears' supports a barrier-free children's hostel: Leisure time for people with and without disabilities.

The newly renovated Wartaweil children's hostel was opened in a beautiful celebration. Wartaweil was the first completely barrier-free and handicapped-accessible children's hostel in Germany.Meanwhile, other children's hostels have followed this example. But Camp Wartaweil remains a model project for inclusion.

It offers valuable space for children and young people, especially for those with severe and multiple disabilities. Camp Wartaweil is a unique place for active inclusion thanks to its special facilities with nursing baths and beds, barrier-free access to the lake and a large park with many leisure activities.

In 1997 Wartaweil was created with the support of the Free State of Bavaria. Unfortunately, due to planning errors during construction, large amounts of water damage were caused. Three complete residential buildings now had to be extensively renovated. The Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation supports the rehabilitation of one of these houses.