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Equipping the maternity ward and equipping the children’s ward of the Malteser International Hospital Umuzike

Improvement of infrastructure at the Malteser International Hospital Umuzike in Nigeria to support small patients 

The Malteser Hospital was opened in 2009 with the support of the Maltese diocese of Osnabrück. Although the opening meant that the clinic was ready for use, even the most necessary furnishings such as children's beds and incubators were missing. At that time it was impossible to even think of the fact that atmospheric purchases were also made: Especially in the maternity ward and in the pediatric ward for small patients up to 10 years old, there was a lack of curtains, heat-relieving fans or adequate light sources. Not to mention TVs and additional furniture such as sufficient seating and cupboards.

Thanks to the support of the Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation, both wards have been newly established. In addition to various purchases, floor coverings were renewed, missing doors were installed, leaking windows were replaced and additional lighting was installed. 

"I am pleased that, in times of inflation in Nigeria and the prolonged droughts, we can help above all the smallest among us. They are our future and need all the support we can get, especially in the early years of life." (Regine Sixt)