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It is a sad truth that children all over the world can become the victims of violence, often even in their own homes.

When drug and alcohol addicted parents become overwhelmed by the upbringing of their children, youth welfare services step in and bring the children to safety. Working together with WIZO, Drying Little Tears makes sure that totally defenseless children like this are given real opportunities.

The Foundation is financing the construction of a Snoezelen room for a baby care home in Israel. This Dutch concept helps very young infants to compensate for deficits in their development. Lighting effects, sounds, touch materials, and fine smells stimulate the five senses to help infants overcome the trauma they have experienced, in a safe environment. The ‘Beit Pa’amonim’ Center for Babies at Risk in Israel provides 25 infants with a new home, accompanying them on the way to a better future.

WIZO represents an experienced partner on location for the Regine Sixt Children’s Aid Foundation. It is a charitable women’s organization committed to helping disadvantaged children and women regardless of religious or national identity.