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The Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation supported the Sterntaler Hof with the construction of a new children's playground.

The Sterntalerhof is a children's hospice that takes care of families with severely ill, chronically ill and dying children and accompanies families.

Even - and especially when - at the end of the path of these families there is a farewell to a loved one.

When a child suffers from a life-threatening or life-limiting illness, it not only causes great concern in the entire psychosocial environment. Above all, it means a massive, often long-term burden for the whole family.

For this reason, the Sterntaler Hof's consistent mission is to preserve the feeling of light-heartedness and happiness, confidence and joie de vivre for children and their families wherever possible. For families who do not know how long there will be a common tomorrow! To this end, the Sterntaler Hof pursues an interdisciplinary approach consisting of therapy and pedagogy, psychology and pastoral care, combined with therapeutic riding.




Since the meeting with the children plays a very important role in hospice work, a new playground - as a meeting place for parents and children - was of great importance, especially for the play and experience educational aspect. For this reason, the Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation Drying Little Tears financed a playground equipped with new playground equipment, slides, bird's nest swing and tower system with a jungle of ropes. Thanks to this support, the children and their parents were able to create a new space of encounter.