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The Regine Sixt Foundation together with the Jerusalem Foundation is involved in building a new playground for the HaMamzi nurseries in Har Homa

Israel has about eight million inhabitants and is located in the Middle East. Approximately 10% of the population live in the capital Jerusalem. Around 496,000 Jews (65%) and 268,000 Arabs (35%) live in the city: residential areas exist side by side. The decades of Arab-Israeli conflict burdens tensions between the communities and thus the lives of families and children from the region.

The Jerusalem Foundation has been working for over four decades for equal opportunities and building a sustainable coexistence in social, educational, and cultural fields. It has long partnerships with numerous population groups in Jerusalem and works for the benefit of everyone, the Jewish and the Arab population alike.


A total of 70 young children attend the HazMamzi kindergartens in Har Homa in the south of the city.
The connected playgrounds, where children from the neighbourhood also play for carefree hours, no longer meet safety standards. The Regine Sixt Children's Aid and the Jerusalem Foundation have therefore decided to become involved.

With the donation the Regine Sixt Foundation was able to build a new playground.