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Giving New Friendships

Acquisition of new communication devices for children with pronounced speech impairment in Israel

Many young people with physical or mental disabilities are often at home on their own, while young people of the same age and without disabilities do sports or meet for other activities. Therefore, a group of Israeli children and youths between the ages of seven and eighteen decided to simply take their peers with health problems with them and to organize their leisure time together. The initiative behind calls “Krembo Wings" and was founded in 2002. Now the initiative is supported by around 5.000 young people from all over Israel. Imagination and commitment are sometimes necessary in order to break down the barriers between people with and without disabilities and to enable spontaneous and carefree interaction with each other.

In many cases, technical solutions can help overcome barriers. However, due to the high cost of them, their purchase is not a matter of course for “Krembo Wing".  This applies in particular to the means of communication devices with which speechless or speech impaired people can express themselves. Regine Sixt was enthusiastic about the idea and did not hesitate to support the initiative "Krembo Wings". With this commitment, it has given the linguistically limited members a voice. 

"Sharing experiences is essential for friendships: thereby communication is irremissible and deepening mutual trust." (Regine Sixt)