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Drying Little Tears supports the Super Summer Camp of the Björn Schulz Foundation for the siblings of chronically ill children.

It's MY turn! is the motto of the Verbund für Geschwister Gemeinsam mehr erreichen, a project designed to promote cooperation and the health of siblings of children suffering from chronic or terminal diseases.

62 children spent this year's Super Summer camp at the Chiemsee in southern Bavaria. In addition to climbing, mountain hiking, and sailing, the camp also features several workshops especially developed for children coping with illness in the family. These are designed to promote conversations among the children, cohesion, and understanding for those suffering from serious illnesses. According to the motto ""It's MY turn!"", though, the needs of the children are at the forefront. The second season for the camp takes place from 4 to 11 August 2014 at Irmengardhof. The children are accompanied by an experienced team of social workers with specialist skills in this kind of work.


Today's them was ""Getting to know one another"". The 62 children and 22 staff members at the camp explored the grounds around the Irmengardhof and solved exciting tasks together.