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In the youth center young people can socialise and achieve the ability to reduce the pressure exerted by school, family and their environment.

By offering a recording studio the youth center wants to create a valve which converts potentially destructive emotions in a constructive project.

The young folks create a tangible product that they can be proud of and for which they learn appreciation and recognition. The team supports the process through various stages. At the beginning of the project groups a specific style can be selected, for example, rap, or singing with instruments. The finished product will then be recorded in the studio. There, the subtleties are further adapted or merged with other groups, for example, a song with a rap or rap with a beat.
So the different stakeholders are brought together, respecting for each others growth – acceptance and empathy increases. The Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation seeks to promote the financing of the recording studio tolerance and respect for people with different interests and backgrounds.