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The Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation provides for the renovation of the interior of a day care center in Viekšniai.

Viekšniai is a small town situated in the North-West of Lithuania. In the region many children live in disadvantaged families who face problems such as poverty, hunger, bullying, domestic violence and unsafe street life. Many parents are unemployed, often alcohol addicted. Therefore it is not seldom, that the children grow up without parents’ supervision, spend time in the streets, miss school lessons and often do not see an alternative to stealing in order to satisfy their basic needs like food and protection.

In 2012, the community of Viekšniai established a children day care center. The purpose is to provide these children with a safe and secure environment, to ensure creative leisure time, to teach them communication and social behavior, to help them with their homework and offer hot meals. The day care center is managed by Maltese volunteers and social pedagogues with a lot of empathy and creativity.


However, the building of the day care center is in a very poor condition and does by far not meet hygienic requirements. Therefore the Regine Sixt Children’s Aid Foundation will renovate now the homework room, the play room, the kitchen and the restrooms.