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The Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation supports the AtemReich children's home.

In the AtemReich children's home, children who have to be ventilated due to their illness or disability or who are threatened with breathlessness are given the opportunity to be cared for and supported in a family-like form of living. What is quite common for healthy children is an extraordinary experience for these children: such as walking around carefree or crawling, feeling grass under their feet or taking a trip to the lake. The ventilator is a vital companion. In the Atemreich children's home, which opened its doors in April 2008, the children should be able to lead as normal a life as possible despite their illness.


In a holistic and interdisciplinary care approach (medicine, care, pedagogy, therapy) the affected children and their families are accompanied and supported in order to facilitate a later care in the home environment. The focus is on the individual care and support of the children by the team in the AtemReich children's home and by the competent environment of the Children's Hospital of Third Order.

There are currently 21 terminally ill children living in the AtemReich house who need artificial respiration. For children who cannot be transferred to a home environment after their acute treatment for medical reasons, the children's house offers a home in which they can receive medical, pedagogical and therapeutic care, but also care and support."

The children are cared for in three groups. With the support of the Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation, the premises of the Wiesengrün Group can be renovated. In addition, four mobile inhalers and two child seats for excursions into nature, a new nursing bed and a PC were purchased to enable the children to make contact with their parents, who often live far away, via Skype. Furthermore, a piano for the music-therapeutic treatment of the children was purchased.