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The Regine Sixt Children's Aid supports Salberghaus in the necessary design work for the garden of the Child and Youth Services facility.

The Salberghaus is a professionally recognised Children and Youth Services facility with diverse inpatient, partially inpatient, and outpatient services for children aged 0-10 years. In addition to the care and support of children, the advice, guidance, and support of parents and families is an important part of the work. The children and their needs are always at the centre of their efforts.

Visitors to the Salberghaus usually first see the large playground outside the house, where a mixed crowd of children and adults play. A lot of playground equipment, such as swings, a wooden play ship, a large sandpit, and a tree house invite you to play, romp about, and climb. Kids of all ages ride scooters, tricycles, and bikes, and there is also enough space to play ball or go sledding. The garden is used by children in the inpatient area (sometimes together with their parents when they visit), special education children, and, of course, for all kinds of celebrations.

Some years ago, when the redesign of the garden with employees and children was planned, there were many requests and, with the help of donors, the playground has the look it now has. Since last summer, additional necessary work was implemented in the garden with the help of the Regine Sixt Children's Aid: a beech hedge was created for privacy from the street and to delimit the terraces for the special education centre. The terrace was also rebuilt. To finish, a safety latch will be put on the tree house to prevent falls and the lawn will be reseeded. The children at the Salberghaus receive colourful Easter baskets as part of the Sixt visit in 2016 for Easter.