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Santa Sixt in town

"Drying Tears" makes Christmas visits: Christmas is a celebration of love and gratitude, at which we want to give warmth and joy. Especially in these days it is very important to take care of the little ones among us and to wipe away their little tears.


According to tradition, Regine Sixt and her team from the Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation visited various institutions during the pre-Christmas period. The first step was Salzburg, where children's hearts were filled with joy in a day care centre with rocking horses, cuddly toys, Christmas cookies and many other gifts.


Together with Kai Pflaume, Regine Sixt visited numerous Munich clinics and facilities for children in Munich. During Advent many employees of the large Sixt family delight little children's hearts all over Germany. In Munich, the pediatric cardiology department at the University Hospital of Munich (LMU) in Großhadern, among others, the pediatric oncology department at the Schwabing Clinic and the German Heart Centre in Munich were on the agenda.

Many SIXT colleagues from all over Germany also visited seriously ill little patients in the context of Drying Little Tears to prepare them for the joy of Christmas.


On St. Nicholas Day, SIXT employees visited the children's oncology department at Frankfurt University Hospital and brought children suffering from cancer beautiful Christmas packages full of toys and delicious sweets.


The SIXT Santa Claus together with his Christmas angel visited the oncological ward of the Hannover Medical School and conjured a smile on the children's faces.