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Helping children enjoy nature: We funded the repair and interior design of a garden gazebo for Manna and gave a hand with our sleeves rolled up.

The educational project ZusammenWachsen of the Maltese family center Manna in the Gropius city (Berlin-Neukölln) has set itself the goal of getting children interested in nature and creating educational spaces.

For those are missing the children of this district too often. Manna is open to all and provides a very good learning environment for children whose families all too often are finding it hard financially and educationally technically offside.

The allotment project ZusammenWachsen is an educational garden experience. It is a small oasis in the midst of concrete landscapes. Anyone who grows up here developed only rarely a relation to nature. This, however, is necessary to develop an awareness of the responsible use of resources. At this project you see the surprise in children's eyes when they learn, for example, from which plants French fries and ketchup are made of. For ZusammenWachsen the Regine Sixt Children's Aid funded the repair and the interior of a gazebo. It is not the first time that we supported Manna. Thus, in the past, for example, the construction of a playground was financed.


The SIXT staff helped again as they already did on occasion of the Maltese Socialday in September 2013. Once again they proved that they can not only deal professionally with car hire, but also with spirit levels and rubber hammers: The teamwork raised and edged beds, a tool shed was assembled and they also built a Kräuterrad.

So now may the awareness of nature for children continue.