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Local project partner: World Vision Foundation partner: Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation.

Many requirements are made of the children that prevent them from going to school. The percentage of children who are registered at a school and attend classes is very low: less than half of children ages 7 to 12 go to school. The percentage is even lower for those between 13 and 18 years of age. Less than a third attend school. The parents are also facing educational challenges because very few of them went to school themselves.

A lot of progress has already been made since the project began in the region in 1999. Schools and pre-schools were expanded and given learning materials. School libraries were set up to promote children's reading skills. Teachers were able to improve the quality of their lessons for the children through training.

The primary school in the village Nianiar was founded in 2010 by the government. It consists of two classrooms and two temporary buildings for 240 students (124 girls and 116 boys). The classroom can be seen the photo above. The village is located about 90km from the capital Dakar in the municipality of Réfane Souf in Bambey district.


In the next school year (2014-15), another provisional space will be built, as the classrooms are currently completely overcrowded. Two further classrooms, additional toilets, and school material are urgently required to improve the learning conditions. A reading corner is also planned.