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Our fields of activity


Unsere Stiftung orientiert sich an der UN-Kinderrechtskonvention in den Bereichen Fürsorge, Bildung, Gesundheit und Nothilfe.



Every child has the right to a family, to parental care, and to a safe home. But reality often looks quite different. That is why we support the building of children’s homes, orphanages, and playgrounds worldwide. We renovate children’s day care centers, especially for disabled and disadvantaged children who cannot help themselves.


Every child has the right to develop his or her abilities and go to school. But in many countries they do not even have the bare essentials. Adequate schools and good teachers are often in dire shortage. That is why we support and finance the building of classrooms and schools, develop learning programs and improve infrastructure on location.


The UN Convention guarantees the right to assistance and healthcare for sick children. We build clinics, mobile medical facilities, and intensive care wards in children’s hospitals. We provide medical equipment, and our staff visit sick children worldwide to help give them courage.

Emergency Aid

Catastrophes afflicting people and nations make children the ones suffering most. The UN grants them protection. To help guarantee this right, we support homes and schools for refugee children, send much-needed materials into disaster areas, and provide assistance with reconstruction.